Wanting to have a real time view of your business affairs, hoping to save time of data entry, looking for ways to minimise some business costs:  then cloud accounting is something you should be looking into.

Cloud Accounting in its simplest form involves using the Internet to access software rather than physically installing it on a computer. The development of cloud based accounting software represents the next generation of record keeping technology and can be a more efficient and innovative way to monitor and follow the financial performance of your business.

Some ways Cloud Accounting software benefits your business:

Cost Effective: Upfront costs are reduced, version upgrades, maintenance etc. all managed by the cloud service provider. Updates (including tax rates) are free and are available instantly.

Accessibility: can access anywhere, any time and on any device – with an Internet connection.

Collaborative: multi-user makes it easier to collaborate online with your team / accountant. No more backing up and sending via snail mail or email.

Efficient: daily bank feeds, real time accounting, updates done in real time

Secure: cloud companies spend millions on security and experts to protect your data.

For any further details / queries on moving your business into a cloud accounting software please contact us.