Every new year (twice a year for those less financial minded), we like to take the whole team away from the office to celebrate the achievements of the last six months and prepare for the next. At this time, we normally enjoy a meal together and undertake a (hopefully) fun group activity.

Yesterday, we turned this activity into a bit of a team building exercise with some friendly competition thrown in.

We had so much fun at The Escape Hunt Experience Brisbane as we separated into two teams to find the “Bomb at Government House”. This really forced us to think outside the box and work together to escape before the bomb went off in only 60 minutes. For those who have not tried an escape room activity like this, I highly recommend it. We were all first timers but I think everyone will happily go back.

At Extrado, we find that these little team experiences really make a difference to the dynamic back in the office.

What have you done with your team lately?

What should we do next?