Who we are

Established in 1993, Extrado has played an active role in helping locals achieve their financial goals for over 20 years.

With a range of services spanning taxation, superannuation, business development, and wealth building, we go further than the average accountant.

In fact, we believe that taxation services are the foundation on which you can build a strong financial future, so we get that right and we get it done efficiently so that we can concentrate on the important things that will get you to where you want to be faster.

Extrado directors Jenny Smith and Ian Shaw have been serving clients for more than 35 years between them, and in that time have helped individuals get financially better organised, and helped businesses get a real handle on the key things that drive profitability and cash flow.

With a highly skilled team of professionals, you know you’re in good hands at Extrado.


Our Values

  • Boldness – We are committed to standing out from the crowd and stretching beyond our comfort zone to learn new things to make a massive impact
  • Fun – We are committed to enjoying what we do and tapping into the power of the lighter side of any situation
  • Passion – We are committed to doing things that capture our hearts and minds and delivering an experience that touches the hearts and minds of others
  • Sharing – We are committed to sharing what we know with as many people as possible and creating opportunities for others to do the same
  • Congruence – We are committed to practising what we teach and displaying that through our actions
  • Respect – We are committed to respecting others backgrounds, experience, cultures, and perspectives and appreciating alternative views
  • Contribution – We are committed to leaving everyone we interact with, with more than before we started
  • Trust – We are committed to being a confidant and always acting in a transparent way with everyone we deal with
  • Loyalty – We are committed to maintaining the highest level of relationships with our clients and will always act in a way that protects their best interests
  • Integrity – We are committed to delivering on our promises